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Contrary to what happens with other cities, visiting London does not require a high budget. After finding your accommodation, you will not have to worry about more expenses besides food and your travelcard for full access to London Underground and bus network.

1. Get lost in the most colorful square in the city, Neal’s Yard. If you feel like it, you can stop to rest and eat one of Homeslice’s delicious pizzas.

2. Take a walk from Little Venice on the Regent’s Canal to Camden, a true oasis before reaching the madness of the most extravagant neighborhood of the British capital.

3. Discover the darkest side of London in the gloomy Cross Bones Graveyard, a marginal cemetery that was used to bury prostitutes who worked in the area, red district of the city at that time.

4. Attend a session of Parliament (you can find information on how to do it on the Internet).

5. Walk through the forgotten neighborhood of Greenwich. In addition to the Observatory, this neighborhood has a lot to offer, let yourself go and enjoy every corner.

6. Visit the unknown dock of St. Katharine Docks. It is located right next to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, and although it usually goes completely unnoticed, it is worth a visit.

7. Visit the shop windows of Chinatown. If you have never been to Asia or another Chinatown in the world, you will love it.

8. Attend the ceremony of the keys in the Tower of London, a ritual that has been held every night for more than 700 years at the time of closing the tower to the public.

9. Listen to some of the debates at the Speaker’s corner, the northeast corner of Hyde Park where freedom of expression is celebrated every Sunday morning, even though it used to be the place where many of the executions were held in London.

10. Visit any of the markets in the city, the options are endless: Greenwich Market, Borough Market, Portobello, Camden, Bricklane-Spitafields. You will find food, clothing, or antiques, there is something for everyone.

11. Enter Leake Street Tunnel, an abandoned subway tunnel that has been converted into an area authorized for graffiti artists, a gigantic urban art gallery.

12. Be amazed with The Hardy Tree in St. Pancras Old Church, the result of (bad) work of Thomas Hardy (yes, the writer, who was an architect in the past). Hardy was in charge of supervising the transfer of the bodies and reordering the gravestones of a part of the cemetery by building a railway that would cross the grounds of the old church. The gravestones were moved and heaped around a nearby small tree on that date (1860), but it has obviously grown over the years.

13. Visit some of the most beautiful mews in the city, like the Warren Mews or the Kynance Mews, in some of them you can even find stables.

14. Walk through Highgate Cemetery. Of course, if you want the visit to be free you will have to visit the cemetery on the east side, the most modern and resting place for personalities such as Karl Marx. To visit the west, you will have to pay 4 £ for the entrance (the visit is guided and it is very worthwhile).

15. If you are a fan of The Beatles you cannot leave London without crossing the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world, the Abbey Road.

16. See the Thames Barriers in action, the ones in charge of ensuring that the sea does not play a trick on the city. Of course, keep in mind that it is quite far from the center.

17. Approach to the Hyde Park Pet Cemetery, a little hidden but very interesting. Although you cannot enter, you can see many of the graves (more than 300) from the gate.

18. You can choose to spend the day in lesser-known parks like Richmond (the perfect place to see deer) or Camley Street Natural Park, which is perfect to disconnect from the bustle of the city without having to travel long distances.

19. Surely your plans include visiting the Portobello market, so if you feel like it, take a few streets to take a moment to photograph the colorful houses of Lancaster Road, in Notting Hill.

20. Discover some of the locations of the most famous films shot in London: Shakespeare in love, Notting Hill, V of Vendetta, Harry Potter.

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