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We continue the list of places you can visit in London if you are an animal lover.

1. Kensington Gardens

You will find them all over the city, and particularly south of the river, but one of the best places to see the wild parakeets is Kensington Gardens. Rumor says that they will fall on your arm if you offer them food, but you can look from a safe distance if you prefer. While they may look cute, they are widely considered a plague with an amazing ability to survive.

2. St James’ Park

The royal park has the best opportunity to see pelicans released in London. They have been delivered to the United Kingdom as a gift from the Russian ambassador since 1664, and the current trio of Louis, Vaclav, and Gargi is the last of a long list of pelicans that inhabit the parks.

3. Stepney City Farm

Located on three acres of land, here you can find geese, ducks, and chickens, along with pigs, goats, and sheep. You can also feed the animals, or simply pick up one of their super cute bunnies to hug him.

4. Richmond Park

Do you want to see reindeers in London? This park is a good place to start, since there is a herd of 630 reindeers that live in freedom. Reindeers have been grazing in this park for almost four hundred years, so this is a great place to see them in their natural habitat.

5. Mudchute Park and Farm

It is home to British animals of rare breeds (including no less than five breeds of sheep), as well as more exotic wild animals such as llamas and alpacas.

6. Sea Life London Aquarium

It is considered the best place in London to see the creatures of the beautiful salty seas, the London Aquarium is a popular place for good reason. While goldfish, seahorses, and penguins will increase tenderness, those who prefer a little more danger may see sharks, stingrays, and crocodiles. Those who prefer much more danger can go diving with the sharks.

7. Hounslow Urban Farm

Hounslow is the best farm in the west. It also has the most diverse range of animals. You will find common inhabitants such as chickens, ducks, and rabbits, but also unusual inhabitants such as lizards, snakes, and turtles.

8. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

It is home to meerkats, lemurs, kangaroos, and monkeys as well as parrots and reptiles.

9. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Do you want to play with cats, as well have your cake and eat it? Lady Dinah’s is the first café for cats in the United Kingdom, and for only £ 10, you will get a drink and 90 minutes of feline fun.

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