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In this article we will present 10 interesting facts about the flag of UK that you probably did not know:

1. Surprisingly, although it is known as Union Jack, its official name is Union Flag.

2. The only time the Union Flag is officially called Union Jack is when it is used at sea. The name ″Jack″ refers to a national maritime flag flown on a ship.

3. The use of the Union Flag at sea was banned until 1707, when Scotland and England were united.

4. The flag is hoisted on Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint Andrew’s Day, and the opening of the Parliament.

5. King James I (James VI of Scotland) designed the flag when he inherited the thrones of England and Scotland in 1606. King James I wanted to combine the two crosses of those nations and thus the Union Flag was born.

6. The flag comprises England’s Cross of Saint George, Scotland’s Cross of Saint Andrew, and Ireland’s Cross of Saint Patrick representing a hybrid of red, white, and blue patriotism.

7. Despite being part of the United Kingdom, the famous red dragon of Wales is not represented on the flag, as Wales has always been part of England.

8. The UK does not have an official code on how to treat the flag like other countries. As a result, the flag can be reproduced in its original form on various items (accessories, clothing) and printed materials.

9. The Union Flag is also available in other colors because there are no strict regulations regarding the flag.

10. At first glance, the flag looks symmetrical. However, it is not. Turn the flag and you will notice a slight difference.

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